Review Days in Math Class

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Review days can be challenging in the math classroom.  It can be difficult to get all students engaged and practicing to get ready for test day!  Here are three of my favorite ways to get students actively practicing math in the classroom the day before their test:

Bingo: I give my students all of the solutions for the game.  They use them to fill in the squares of their Bingo board.  I give them problems to solve and then they mark off the answer on their Bingo board.  Every student has paper or clear boards out for doing their work to solve problems.  I love this for review because all of the answers are on their boards which serves as a great self check  (if it isn’t on my Bingo board then I need to check my work) and they all want to get the first Bingo so it is a very motivating activity for them.

Task Cards:  Task cards are a great way to get students working together and moving around the classroom.  I circulate constantly while they are working to see if and where students are having a difficult time.  If students are consistently struggling with a particular type of problem I bring the class back together to review that concept.  I also post answers in the last five minutes of class so students can check their work.  Try this set of task cards that I made and use year after year in my own classroom Exponents Task Cards, I’d love to hear how you like them!

Kahoot!:  I like mixing things up and having my students play Kahoot! every once in awhile for review.  I prefer using it for quick problems so that students can work on recall and I can get a good read on their mental math skills.  I find it a little more difficult to use for multistep problems/questions because students get competitive and they rarely take the time to work problems out on paper.

What review day activities do you do with your students?  I would love to hear what activities you do to help your students get ready for their tests!

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