Saving Time in the Classroom

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One of the things teachers need most is more time.  With meetings and committees and grading and teaching and interventions and (you get the idea) … there is a lot that needs to get done every day.  Here are a few ways that I save time in my classroom.

Organization.  By keeping all of my classes resources in separate manila folders by chapter in a filing cabinet I am able to quickly go through my resources from the previous year to find my originals to make copies of the resources I want to use.  I also keep all assessment retakes and answer keys in a black portable file folder organized by class and assessment type so my students and I can find them quickly.  My students know right where to go and get retakes!

Teacher Aide.  If your school has a teacher’s aide for credit option for students ask students to teacher aide for you.  They can make all your copies and grade daily quizzes for you which are two huge tasks that take up a ton of time!

Google Classroom.  Posting assignments and instructions when there is a sub in google classroom has been a great way to put intentional plans into place when I have had to be gone from school.  Google classroom makes it really easy to provide students with excerpt readings for AP Statistics and homework answer keys for PreCalculus.  I can post a copy of whatever resource they need up on google classroom quickly whenever I have a few minutes to spare.  It saves time and paper (extra bonus)!

What Did I Miss? Board.   Having recent hand outs and assignments from your classes out and available for students that missed class saves a lot of time and energy.  My first few years of teaching I used to have to dig through tons of stacks of papers to find make up work for students … it was time consuming, stressful, and just awful!  I now have a manila folder for each class I teach on a bulletin board by the door where students walk in.  After each lesson I place any unused copies in the folder immediately and then everything they need is right there when they return to class.  When students ask what they missed I send them straight to the board where they can find all resources they need from the day before!

What other strategies and tools do you use to save yourself time?  I’d love to hear what you do!


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